Maybe a little early but winter is coming and one can never have enough leather boots teehee

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I can’t believe this picture I took got over 11k notes now :O insane.


Berner sennenhund puppy! / /

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Anonymous asked:
Be honest, how do you feel about abortions? I'm 16 and I'm 4 months pregnant and my parents said they're going to kick me out.. I don't know why I came to you but I really need some advice.




honey , abortion shouldn’t even be an option . my thing is , if you’re not ready to grow up and be responsible and take care of your child , why did you lay down and open your legs in the first place? maybe if you would’ve kept your legs closed or maybe even used a condom , you wouldn’t be in this situation . but abortion is never the answer . the least you can do is have the baby and go through with adoption . but killing an unborn baby ? nah . if i were your parents , i’d do the same tbh . you ain’t helping paying bills but you wanna get pregnant ? hell if you think you grown enough to have sex and get pregnant you might as well get the hell up out your parents house . but hey , that’s just my opinion 


You shouldn’t get an abortion I don’t think that’s the way to go through with it. Yeah you’re young but it doesn’t matter now it’s happened, what does your heart say? To be honest your parents should be more supportive about the whole situation because they can’t just kick you out because you’ve had a baby I think that’s just wrong. Unless they’re kicking you out to help you get a place. And btw sadgirl you don’t know the situation on how she got pregnant I don’t think you should have commented on that part because it might have upset her. If she did get pregnant without using contraception then that’s her fault for being silly. But when I became pregnant I was on the pill and using condoms because I certainly didn’t want a baby at my age. I know others that have became pregnant whilst using contraception.

Dear Anon
The fact that you waited this long makes this much harder… I don’t know where you live but here (switzerland) abortions are only legal during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. After that only if there’s any medical indications.
The circumstances of how you got pregnant is none of our business! And seeking help on tumblr seems like asking for judgemental answers from immature people. Please seek help from a professional. An organisation like Planned Parenthood (or whatever it’s called where you live) can help you with whatever decision you make and support you with talking to your parents. Don’t feel ashamed and don’t wait much longer to seek help!

Good luck!



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